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        Distinguished friends from all walks of life: hello! Because the network, we met, because the network, we will become friends, become partners! Welcome to Heilongjiang Nongken Longwang Food limited liability company website. Heilongjiang Nongken Longwang Food limited liability company is a processing beans, dairy products of professional food processing enterprises. Company since August 1998, has won the food quality standards enterprises, China's brand-name products, brand-name products in Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province, the famous trademark, leading enterprises, such as the honorary title.
        The Dragon King, these achievements and social friends from all walks of life care and support and support are inseparable. We uphold the “ people-oriented. The pursuit of excellence in the spirit of enterprise, adhere to the science and technology, industry Fumin Road, with great enthusiasm to the innovation and development of high-tech fields of soy food and agricultural products to the enterprise mode and work hard to build and realize innovation and vitality, in the promotion of agricultural industry chain extension, the food industry development, create efficient and pragmatic business style and firmly establish healthy nutrition and health food standards played an important and leading role. The company in the development process, and always adhere to the “ the market is the life of enterprise, quality is the assurance of the market, to meet consumer win-win ” market concept, set up the &ldquo tree; the dragon image, the spirit of a dragon, dragon, dragon culture brand, casting ” the concept of corporate culture.

        Under the guidance of this idea, the dragon company in just a few years to provide health, safety and quality products for tens of thousands of consumers at home and abroad. Adhere to honesty, integrity of the story of “ ” business mentality, dragon people treat consumers will always ensure excellent product quality, provide quality products for all consumers' safety and health. &ldquo ” sincerity and integrity is the basic principle of the Dragon King. The company will not use exaggeration excessive propaganda to deceive consumers and the public. Here, is the occupation dream bridge talent achievement, but also your stepping stone to grasp potential.

        We take the eight party and to all rivers run into sea selfless humility, broad minded, to wealth through hard work and concluded and shaping the noble life to realize your dream of life; we are ready to accept the industry elite, visionary partners and willing to seek common development cooperation mechanism with join. The people pay attention to their own business reputation, not inconsistent with the actual ability of the company to sign any contracts. The people respect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, to avoid excessive competition is not reasonable. But the dragon people will use all legal means to participate in the competition and market behavior, tit for tat response all the necessary competition. In ensuring “ win-win ” the premise and competitors to establish a harmonious, equal competitive relationship, mutual coordination, participate in a reasonable competition. The people pay more attention to long-term profitability of its own brand, insisted that the war is not a meteor war, but the enterprise internal strength, is the strength of the show is really. So, the Dragon King will not with other counterparts for the moment of the market. The people pay attention to team spirit, strict relationship between all departments and posts and people must be good. Actively assist others in performing their duties while performing their duties. The dragon people attach great importance to the construction of community environment. A clear understanding of the community environment is an important element of the strategic environment of competition. The people pay attention to the international exchange and cooperation, and strive to grow by themselves, to contribute to the revitalization of the Chinese nation.

        We will as in the past to hard work, the pursuit of excellence, to repay the society with better results, return all the attention and support of friends from all walks of life of the Dragon king! In this process, we will be deeply sincere and enterprising spirit of our hearts! The past does not represent the future, no progress is backward, in the future, the people will be infinite passion and wisdom, calm and steady behavior, health group has the competitive advantage of globalization to create a fight. The dragon will be better tomorrow!