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Unique advantage of the base
        The magic black land, golden soybean, by the international authoritative institutions of EU BCS certified organic building “ Dragon ” fifty thousand acres of organic soybean production base of natural charm, by the quality supervision and inspection and quarantine as export food safety demonstration zone, the heritage of the organic soybean healthy taste.
The vast prairie, blue sky, green grass, has given “ Dragon ” “ natural pasture, dairy feedlot, centralized milking machines ” management mode, the ultimate success of the fresh, clean, safe, pollution-free raw milk.

Equipment advantage quality assurance
        The main equipment is the integration of Japanese precisel homes, Sweden and Denmark Arafat Nehru and other advanced technology first-class international, combined with advanced technology and domestic production technology, production equipment in the domestic industry leading level, production workshop design and construction according to the standard of GMP; the company has perfect quality inspection and monitoring of the quality control center, from raw materials the factory is always under control, to achieve the production quality and safety reliability of the whole process of 100%.

Human advantage achievements in the future
        The pure plain of the Dragon King, after ten years of trials and hardships, professional team, team spirit and scientific management philosophy, to create people-oriented work level, thinking and method, inject vitality and creativity for the final decision, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.
Gold location, excellent ecological environment, advanced production technology, reliable human resources, long development necessary conditions.