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Tsinghua University entered the Dragon King Food company!

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In November 15, 2016, the Dragon King Food Co. Ltd., was invited to the &mdash Chinese highest institution; — lecturer at the Tsinghua University for teaching staff. According to the actual situation of our company, the instructor made a detailed teaching plan to improve the comprehensive quality and management level of the company's management staff, and inject vigor and vitality into the long-term development of the company. The first phase of the training course of “ &rdquo and “ communication management; &rdquo team execution; as the center, a wonderful speech for the senior leadership of enterprises!


(All members of the Tsinghua University dragon company training class)

(The opening ceremony of — — Liu Wanxing, Wu Weimin, Li Zhongzhu, Xue Han)

Students before class morning reading! )

(Morning reading content of the University)

(Li Weiqi instructor and student interaction)

(Li Aihua lectures for students!)

(Interaction between students and instructors!)

(The end of the first phase of the course, the company led the team photo with the lecturer at the Tsinghua University!)

 Four days of training, let us deeply feel, good communication within the enterprise culture and team executionCan make all employees truly feel the joy and performance of communication. Strengthen internal communication management and executive ability, can make the management work more easily, also can make the ordinary staff improve work performance, but also can enhance the cohesion and competitiveness of the enterprise, so the company's employees as our king,Should be paid attention to in the strategic sense、Will the future king company has more rapid development.。


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